Mainly reasons to invest in Paraguay

1. Highest monetary and fiscal stability in Latin America (never had sharp devaluation, expropriation or freezing of savings, etc..) Lower tax rate and a very simple tax system;
2. Quick recovery of economic growth and investment after the crisis of 2008-2009, 6% growth in the first half of 2010 based on food production as global demand tends to grow;
3. Investment Attractions Laws as: Maquila Regime, that establish tax exemptions and others benefits for industries that produces for exportation;
4. Access to MERCOSUR, a free trade area with a GDP of U.S. $ 2 billion, which also includes Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay;
5. Excellent cost-benefit labor in the region and lower social security contributions on wages;
6. Population mostly young and with great ease of learning and training;
7. Abundant availability of electricity at lower rates in the region;
8. Center of the Paraná-Paraguay, Paraná-Tiete Waterway with free shipping in most of the country throughout the year;
9. Mild climate and absence of natural disasters;
10. Abundant water and fertile land for agriculture…

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