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The Ranch is Located in the Western Region of Paraguay, a region called «Chaco», in the heart of South America, on the 21st parallel, north of the Tropic of Capricorn. The distance to Asunción, the country’s capital, is 480km (300 Miles). It is 60 km (37 Miles) to the Paraguay River and the Brazilian border. 100km by road from the city of Porto Murtinho in Brazil. The latter is, in turn, linked by highway to Campo Grande, São Paulo and all other large industrial areas of Brazil.


The Wildlife Ranch is located in the southern part of the well known Pantanal region, the world’s largest ecological reserve. It boasts the same fauna and flora plus additional local species.

It covers an area of 22.668ha (55.990 acres). At its center is an 834ha lake (2.060 acres), the biggest private lake in the country with 1.8 by 5.4km (1.1 y 3.4 miles) harboring clean, fresh and slightly salted water. A westerly flowing river feeds the lake and which runs for 8kms (5 miles) within the property, serving as a nesting place for caimans (American crocodiles).

It is fully enclosed with wire fences. Internally, they form areas of safe pastures for cattle breeding activity. Approximately 7.000 heads of cattle could be supported in a very sustainable manner within the 60% pastures area covered by a natural and abundant grass called «Clavel». Furthermore, due to the slightly salty soil, the hides of the animals are free of parasites. There are also rainwater catch basins at various locations     on     the   Ranch. Approximately one third of the total area is forest, with Algarrobo, Quebracho and Palo Santo trees. This last one being a very precious type of wood. There is an estimated 5 million «Carandays» or Black Palm trees whose trunk can be used for electric power poles or in house building. From the core of the younger trees it is possible to extract the Palm Heart.

The main house with an area of 250m2 is being rebuilt (3d preview on the right). It will have 3 big modern bedrooms, with their bathroom, a big living/dining room and a kitchen. It will be sourced by solar energy for environment friendliness plus a generator as a backup when needed. It is located on the northern shore of the lake where there is a hard clay landing strip of 1.050m in length (about 3.500 feet). This is the main runway on which mid size turboprops (15 passengers) can easily land.

On the eastern side there is an outpost called «Retiro de Palo Santo». This outpost is situated at the entrance of the ranch by the national road.

On the Western side there is another outpost called «Retiro de Santa Rita», with a landing strip of 950m in length (about 3.100 feet). A crocodile farm used to be at this location. Crocodiles are native to this ranch and they mainly feed on piranhas from the lake.


There is a surprisingly rich wildlife on the farm, mainly due to the existence of the lake. There are Pumas, Jaguars, Grays and Red Boars, Deers, Red Deers, Anteaters, Coatis, Armadillos, Capybaras, Red Wolf, snakes and rodents, among others. An enormous wealth of swamp birds, such as Flamingoes, Roseate spoonbills, Tero-Tero and the Wood Stork which is a big bird on Apendix I in CITES (very difficult to find in other places). The wildlife includes species nearing extinction, such as the «Tatu Carreta» (a kind of big Armadillo) which weighs approximately 60kg (133 pounds) and the pre-historic «Taguá». Additionally, there are about 400 Australian Buffalos that can weight up to 1.000kg (2.220 pounds) and countless other smaller animals. There are many different species of fish in the lake, as well as crabs, water snails and of course a population of over 40.000 American crocodiles (Caiman Yacare). The annual average temperature is 82.4oF (28oC)


On the following map the road that gets you to the ranch from the capital is shown in red. But the quickest access is, of course, by air. As said earlier, within the Ranch there are 2 air strips.


The Wildlife Ranch represents the full assets of, a Panamanian company. Since its formation in 1986, no legal lien or encumbrance has been placed on the property. There are no liabilities, hence Asset = shareholder’s equity.